Monday, May 06, 2013

FOW Tournament: Kingston Kup

This year the Kingston Bunker Rat's annual FOW tournament was held in the Battery Point Community Hall.  5 rounds, 1555 points, Early War.   There were 12 tables for 24 entries, 3 from Launceston, 6 from the Monday Knights Victoria, 4 Camp Cromwell & the rest Bunker rats.
Barrie set up a Van Dieman Miniatures stall on Sunday with 20% off as well as helping out with the prize pool.
As always there was a great selection of tables, mostly by the Bunker rats, and a couple from the two Nicks.  Missions played were Breakthrough, Encounter, Fighting Withdrawal, No Retreat & Dust Up.
There were tables for Poland, Belgium, France, Greece and the desert, though of course the Swiss roster meant they didn't always have the right armies on them.  Goodness gratious me!  How did my Indians get to Poland ? 
The Monday Knights dominated the competition.   They took out the top 3 placings in the individuals with Lord T winning undefeated as he did last year.   They also won the Kingston Kup Team Trophy by a big margin from Kingston 2nd & Camp Cromwell 3rd.   Declan won the best opponent award, Patrick the Best Army Award.  Camp Cromwell did pick up some loot - Mark & Leigh won lucky door prizes & Jim won the De Gaul Award for valiant lack of achievement - as the highest ranked Tasmanian with 4 wins 1 loss, but behind the row of carpetbaggers from Melbourne on VP's.
Many thanks to the Rats for another good show & in particular to John Mumford for being TO.


Truscott Trotter said...

Yes indeed Jim was only 3 points out of the silverware - I knew those 4-3 results would come back to haunt him!

Jim Gandy said...

John, At least your +100 for a win bumped me up from 6th on straight VPs.