Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Hail Caesar - Dacian War

Mike & Chris's Dacians v. Jim & Steve's Romans

The Siege of Sarmizegetusa Regia scenario from the Dacian book.
The Romans have made a steady advance.  Their engines are in the centre with an infantry division each side and the cavalry division on the far flank.  The Dacians have a division in the city and another deployed on the near side.  Their other 2 divisions are still off table.
The Dacians have brought on their 3rd infantry division on the near flank and their cavalry on the far flank.  The Roman left has deployed to face the foot.  In their centre their artillery has deployed and has pinned down the end of the Dacian infantry line near the city.  On the far flank the Roman horse has met the Samartans head on while their foot tries to move in support.
On the far flank the Samartan cavalry has been defeated by cavalry and infantry.  On the near flank the Romans have fallen back to buy time.
The legionaries in the centre have counterattacked the Dacian foot.  On the far flank the Romans are trying to sort themselves out and move to the left.
The Roman left has been reinforced and had crushed the Dacian right.  The Dacian field army has been destroyed, the Romans can now take their time to storm the doomed city.

This was the first time we had played this scenario.  In hindsight it is apparent that the Dacian forward defence strategy used tonight was a mistake.  They would be better off keeping their field army off table until the Romans are committed to attacking the city. It was an entertaining battle anyway.

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