Friday, June 07, 2013

Nick in Launceston - Lasalle

Nick and Dennis had planned this for a while -- a Napoleonic game using Lasalle.  Dennis was Austrian, and Nick was the French.  The forces were appropriate for the 1809 invasion of Austria.

The battle field was the 'crossroads at the farm'.  Lasalle operates on a set of 12 pre-built battlefields, which are then customised with up to 3 pieces of additional terrain.

The French had a division of 3 brigades -- and infantry brigade (8 units), an elite infantry brigade (3 units), and a light cavalry brigade (4 units).

The Austrians (commanded by Dennis, who for some reason failed to wear the funny hat required by all Napoleonic cammanders) has a division of 3 brigades -- and infantry brigade (6 units), and landwehr brigade (6 units), and a cuirrassier brigade in reserve (2 large units).

At this point the French light cavalry had advanced on the right, forcing the Austrian infantry into square.  But next turn the Austrian cuirassiers would arrive from reserve and blow through the light cavalry like they werent there!

The French infantry attacked on the left, and went through the landwehr like a dose of salts -- except for the Duchy of Salzburg landwehr.  This little unit destroyed two veteran French units, holding out till the end of the game.

The Austrian cuirassiers did a marvelous ride around the French army, destroying one light cavalry unit, mauling two others, and destroying three artillery batteries.

Eventually both sides got to the point where they were taking morale tests.  Dennis passed his first morale test, caused by losses to his landwehr brigade.  But the loss of all of their artillery was enough to tip the French into morale test territory -- and they failed.  So victory to the strudel makers in a fun game!

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