Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Hail Caesar:Dacian Wars ... Adamclisi

Steve's Romans v. Jim & Mike's Dacians

Another scenario from the Dacian book.  The two armies start from corners at each end of a long table edge.  There is a side plot about the Dacians getting their wagon train across the short table edge, but the Dacians took the "let's get 'em" option and just advanced on the Romans.

The Romans formed up a very Roman neat double line with their cavalry on their right and waited.  The Dacian line was somewhat more ragged.
On the far flank the Roman guard cavalry have charged holding the end warband back.  The rest of the warbands have charged the legions.   The Dacian cavalry have refused to advance for 2 turns.
 The Dacian foot is having a tough time, but still their cavalry refuse to advance.
Some of the Dacian horse has moved up a bit,  but their foot is being mauled.
The end is nigh for the Dacians now.  Their right is broken and the centre is about to be hit in flank. 

This was never going to be an easy scenario for the Dacians, but the total failure of their cavalry to support the infantry doomed them.  

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