Sunday, June 23, 2013

Hail Mr Lincoln at Barrie's

Barrie's Rebs v. Leigh's Union

We tried out Barrie's long disused 15mm ACW's using our Hail Mr Lincoln rules.  The figs are based like Chris' were on 25mm stands.  Barrie hasn't got movement trays for them yet but it wasn't too much trouble to use them as they were.
 The Rebs are on the left - a cavalry division on the near flank plus 3 infantry divisions, one on the road, one in extended line & one in columns behind it.
The Union also have their cavalry on the near flank, then 2 small infantry divisons in the centre anda large one on the far flank.
The Union have 4 more units, but are all trained whereas the Rebs are all vets.
 The Rebs are advancing on their right.  The union are preparing to meet the attack while trying to get their own right to advance on the Reb left.
 On the far flank the Union infantry have advanced but are not yet in the action.  On the near flank the opposing cavalry divisions are fighting dismounted.  The Rebs are trying to feed troops through the village to attack the Union centre left while they have established a grand battery on the ridge.
 The Union cavalry have broken.  The Union right has charged home, but the Reb line still holds.
 The Union left is being enveloped.  The Reb left is beginning to crumble.
The Reb left is crumbling, but the division is not broken.  The Union infantry left of centre has  broken.  So the Union have lost half their 4 divisions before the Rebs have lost any = aArmy Moral Test Fail & a Reb victory.

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