Friday, June 07, 2013

Nick in Launceston - Fields of Glory

This is an old battle. I cant remember when we played -- almost a month ago. But I thought I bet to write it up before it is forgotten.

Nick (Romans) vs Dennis (Carthaginians) in Field of Glory, using the pre-set starter armies.

I am a fan of pre-set starter armies. No fiddling around to find the balance. it is even better when I have the figures for a starter army -- my reboubtable Romans! However, my luck with these matchups has not been good. This must be my 5th Field of Glory game in Launceston, and the Romans were yet to achieve a victory. However, in true Roman fashion they just kept coming back!

Dennis tried to outflank the Romans, while the Romans just charged foward and aimed to crush the Carthaginian center. The Carthaginian plan had worked well in the last few games, so why change it! But in this game, things didnt work out well. Dennis didnt manage to time everything so they came together well. The Romans managed to see of the Carthaginian skirmishers. Then a turn later thay managed to repulse light cavalry on one flank. And the Carthaginian heavy cavalry probably advanced too soon -- a unit of Roman triarii managed to get onto the cavalrys' flank.

Net result was the Romans managed a win -- their first in a long while! In true Roman fashion, the general will now be denounced in the senate and sent into exile!

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