Sunday, June 02, 2013

Hail Mr Lincoln v.15

Jim's Union Corps v. Chris' Confederate Division

For the upcoming ACW campaign we want to be able to do small actions of 1 Corps/Div a side (A Union "Corps" is equivalent to a Reb "Divsion") with 15mm figures using a smaller ground scale.  Battles of that size with our 6mm system wouldn't have enough units to make them interesting battles.  So we have knocked up a version of Hail Mr Lincoln for 15mm figures by putting back some of thetactical detail we took out to make HML work with really large battles.  The figures are Chris's.  They were based for Fire & Fury on 25mm stands, but before starting we stuck them onto 75mm card strips with double sided tape, 2 stands to a unit.
Pic taken from behind the Rebel right.  The Union objective is the hamlet of Cunning Springs in the left foreground.  The Rebels have an inf div of 6 units + 4 guns on the central ridge.  A 2nd inf div of 4 is in reserve behind.  All Rebs are Veterans.  The Union have an inf div of 8 plus 4 guns on the tabel edge in the centre.  A 2nd inf div of 4 in march columns on their left and a cav div on their right.  All Union troops are Trained.
The Union centre is advancing cautiously to maintain the line.  Their is advancing rapidly in march columns.  The Rebs have advanced the cavalry into the woods.  I unit of their reserve inf is defending Cunning Springs, the rest are advancing on the left. 
The Rebs pre-emptive strike on the left ran into trouble when the Union deployed 2 guns on the hill on their right to enfilade it while the Union infantry formed a solid front to meet them.  Union cavlry ahve dismounted to protect the guns form the Reb cavalry.  In the foreground the 2nd Union inf div has had a great run with command dice and is threatening Cunning Springs.
In the centre the Rebs have advanced to the creek line where the two lines are exchanging fire.  In the foreground the 2nd Union inf has come to a halt.  Dismounted cavalry are exchanging fire on the far flank.
The Reb cavalry are attacking on the far flank.  The Reb 2nd div's attack has been beaten off.  The Union 2nd div still hasn't got attack going.
On the far flank Reb cavalry has broken through and over-ran the battery but too late to save the 2nd inf. The 1st Reb inf is noe being enveloped from both flanks.  The Union 2nd inf has finally charged Cunning Springs.
The Rebs are holding out heroically in Cunning Springs, but their 1st inf have been broken.  The Rebs concede the battle.

Once again the flexibility of the Hail Caesar system has been demonstated by being extended even further out of period.  It was very enjoyable game & done at at good pace - less than 2 hours for about 8 turns each... at the 15 game min per turn we recon on for campaigning, it was about real time. 

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