Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Hail Mr Lincoln in 15mm

Mike's Rebels v. Steve's Union

We used the same terrain and troops as a week or so ago when Chris & Jim fought.  This time the battle was a free for all.   The Rebs had 10 infnatry, 2 cavalry 4 guns, all vets.  The Union had 12 infantry 2 cavalry & 4 guns all trained.
The Rebs are on the right.  Both sides have an infantry division on the far flank & in the centre with cavalry on the near flank.  The Union artillery is divided between the 2 infnatry divisions, the Reb's is all left of centre.
In the centre the Union have advanced to the creek line.  The Rebs have advanced to meet them .  The Union cavalry has moved onto the Reb's flank.  The Reb cavalry has failed to move up, but the guns have redeployed to face the cavalry.  On the far flank the Rebs have advanced Zouaves through the wood in advance of the main body.
The 1st Union cavalry units was shaken by artillery fire but the 2nd advanced past them and charged the guns.  Now ACW cavalry are not supposed to be able to charge batteries frontally, but dice don't always obey the laws of probability either.  The Reb artillery was ridden down and the sweeping advance took out an infnatry unit as well. 
 The Reb cavalry finally got moving, charged the Union horse in flank & broke it.  But the Union cavalry hurt them enough so a wiff of minie ball from the Union foot broke the Reb cavalry as well.
On the far flank the Zouaves in the wood broke the Union defenders.  The Union have curved their line back to cover their flank as the Rebs advance on their front.
The outflanked Reb centre has pulled back.  The Zouaves charged out of the wood at the Union flank but were replused.
The Union centre has followed up.  A volley at a shaken Reb unit was all it took for it to break & with it, the division & thus the army.  Another Union win.  The battle showed up a couple of minor oversights in Hail Mr lincoln, but they are working just fine.  All is ready for our ACW campaign when God who is in Canberra comes back from his reseach trip to Nippon at the end of the month.

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Phil said...

A great battlefield with very nice lines of troops!