Saturday, June 22, 2013

Lasalle Napoleonic 15mm at Nick's

Jim's Austrians v. Nick's French

The French are on the right.  Cavalry division on near flank.  Elite infantry division on hill.  2 infantry divisions on far flank.  The Austrians have an infantry division on the far flank, a Landwehr division in the centre and a Cuirassier division in reserve off table.  The French are the attackers and have an objective marked by a flag on the Austrian left.  (Them taking the object would increase the probability of the Austrians failing an army morale test).  
 The Austrians have stood on the defensive on their left.  They have sent 2 Landwher units into the village and brought on their Cuirassiers on their right.
The French have taken the village but the Landwehr have formed a second line.  The Cuirassiers are driving the weaker French cavalry back.
The French cavalry is almost gone.  The French infantry are now advancing on the rest of the front.
 The Austrian Cuirassiers have finished off the French cavalry and are moving to outflank the battery.  The Landwehr have taken losses, but are holding on.  The regular Austrian foot are holding their own on the far flank.
The French attack on the Landwehr has taken enough casualties that when added to the loss of the cavalry an army morale test was required.  The French failed giving the Austrians victory.

This was my 2nd Lasalle, Nick has played a few, Leigh had studied the rules enough to be a great help looking things up.   The rules seem to work in that just doing what seemed right for Napoleonic warfare generally gave a plausible result.   Personally, I'm not fond of this style of game where things have to done in a specific order in specific ways, but the battle took about 2 & 1/2 hours, so it moved along reasonably quickly.  Next week we intend to do the same battle with Black Powder (with distances halved for 15mm on a small table).


fireymonkeyboy said...

We need more sexy close-ups!


Jacksarge said...

Great to see you blokes doing some 15mm Napoleonics. I've recently started collecting and painting 15mm British for the Peninsular War.