Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bolt Action At Barrie's

Jim's Kiwis v. Barrie's Germans

We played the Demolition scenario from the rulebook.  Each side has an objective and wins by having a unit in contact with it at the end of a turn.  Delving into barrier's drawers for objectives, we selected a roast pig on a spit for the German objective and a flock of sheep for the Allied objective - naturally I declared that my Commonwealth troops were  Kiwis.  Both sides start with up to half their units on table, the rest in reserve to come on from turn 2.
 The German objective is in the field on the far side defended by a 6pdr, a mortar & a HMG.  One Kiwi infantry section is advancing on each flank and two in the centre.  The Kiwi's objective is just on the right hand edge of the pic.  A grenadier section & a Stug have come on in the foreground, another grenadier section has occupied the big house, the other is on the right flank.he near flank.

The Kiwis have rushed onto the objective with a Bren carrier.   It withstood shots from 2 fausts, a schreck  & the Stug, but was taken out by the German command team charging it from behind the house.  On the left the grenadiers & Stug have destroyed the advanced Kiwi infantry.  The grenadiers are advancing down the flank, the Stug has turned right to help defend the objective.  Tired of being smashed by Allied artillery regardless of which side I'm on, I decided to use the artillery for smoke this time.  It would have covered the attack on the objective beautifully...except I threw a 1 and the Germans got to place it where they wanted.
After the bug was destroyed on the objective, the Kiwis charged 3 infantry sections and the HQ at it.  The Germans destroyed 2 sections & the HQ, but one survived to hold the objective and win the battle.  

A nice little battle this one.  The comparison with COC goes on.  Barrie prefers COC, but doesn't mind BA, I prefer BA, but don't mind playing COC.   Despite a few annoyances, the simplicity of BA wins it for me.   But it's nice that the same armies can be used for both.


fireymonkeyboy said...

I'm curious about the (misguided) preference for CoC. ;) What are the selling features?


Anonymous said...

prefer bolt action ,have difficulty with the other system and the assimilation of dice score to take advantage of the loop holes,besides my partner ,she feels its rude

Jim Gandy said...

Barrie has always been a Too Fat Lardies fan - different wargamers have different tastes.