Wednesday, October 09, 2013

More preparing for Operation Cromwell

We did two test runs of the Falaise Gap scenario & terrain we will be using for one round.  The scenario has the Germans deployed along the road to Paris with the Allies attacking from both sides.

Saturday:  Jim with Stugs & Fusiliers v. Rich with Canadian Mech & 7th Armour

It looked very hard for the Allies early on, but the Air support and Across the Volga artillery wore the Germans down and in the end the Allies won a convincing 9:1 victory

Tuesday:  Jim with Canadian Mech & 7th Armour v. Steve with Panzers & Mech 

The terrain was tweaked a little to address some issues shown up in the first game.  This time the Canadians came the other way & the Germans had a lot of AA which pretty well kept the RAF at bay.  Again it looked bad for the Allies early, but the Canadian infantry managed to grab an objective on the road just before time was up to gain a narrow 6:4 win.

Although both tests were won by the Allies, the situation looked dire for the Allies at times in both games before turning around, so it's no cakewalk for either side. 

The Rules of Engagement for the tournament are now being given a final check and will be sent out to the participants shortly.

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