Monday, October 21, 2013

Nick in Launceston - New Player

A new player in the area put a post up on the club forum. They couldnt get to the club meets, so we put on a game at GUF (the new store in Launceston) for him.

His army was a beautifully painted set of PSC Panthers, plus some plasic FOW infantry. I had a Sherman horde. We rolled for scenario, and got surrounded. Which wasnt that fair, as the poor Panthers had shots onto their weak rear armour from the start. Pretty soon all that was left of his force was some infantry on each objective. Rather than waiting, I did a hurried assault (at Rob's advice), that resulted in a lot of burning Shermans. But US strenght of numbers won out in the end!

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Jim Gandy said...

What's a GUF ?
(I hate TLA's).