Friday, October 25, 2013

Trying Bolt Action Armour

More BA German armour arrived this morning & I utilised the rent-a-grandson facility provided by the neighbours to try out armoured warfare Bolt Action style.  A Tiger, a Stug & a Marder (825 pts) v. a Cromwell, 2 Shermans & a Firefly (915 pts).
The Firefly popped my Tiger & it was all downhill from there.  The BA rules worked fine, but it really wasn't much of a game - you need a lot more than 3 or 4 pieces a side on the table to make a good game in any system.   The upcoming Cancon BA armoured games are to be 1250 pts so there is scope for some support for the armour & thus more scope for tactics over dice rolling.  I'm not sure if that will enough to make such games more than good looking comic relief.   We'll try it out after I finish painting them.

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