Monday, October 28, 2013

Monday Afternoon Bolt Action: 1250 pts Tank Battle

Jim's Germans v. Chris's Soviets

1250 points to the BA Tank Battle pdf.  The pdf is an interim measure while Warlords write a book for BA tank company actions.  1250 pts provides enough space to have 3 or 4 tanks plus some infantry and anti-tank guns (which all have to be motorised).

The Germans had a motley lot - Tiger, Stug, Marder & Luchs with a Hanomag carrying an infantry section & a flamethrower...veteran infantry & regular vehicles.

The Soviets had a T34/85 & 3 Shermans, supported by an M5 full of infantry, a jeep with commissar, a carrier pulling a 47mm a/tank gun & another carrier with 2 anti-tank rifle teams...inexperienced vehicles & regular infantry.
The German column has rushed down the road in the foreground.  The Soviets are mostly on the other side of the big wood on the far side.  They are sending 2 tanks to their right & 2 to their left with the others going up the road.
The German infantry have occupied the house on the right, the flame team is in the other one.  Their armour is deployed in the village except the Stug in the little wood by the creek.  So far both side's fire has been ineffective.  The Luchs had some fun missing a shot at the a/tank gun before it unlimbered, then using Reece to escape behind a house when a Sherman came up.
When it came to a shoot out, it suddenly became very one sided.  The Germans had better cover, plus the Soviet armour had -1 for inexperienced.    The Tiger's power wasn't too useless either - popping a Sherman on the left, then poking the 88 round the side of a house to pop the T34/85 on the right while laughing at the 47mm trying to shoot down the road at its back end.   The Soviets didn't have much luck either - a bug delivered 2 anti-tank teams within striking distance of the vulnerable Marder, but they both missed and the Marder & Luchs mowed them down.  The Soviet infantry in the field were pinned down, then killed, by the Germans in the house supported by their Hanomag's MMG.

It was a very enjoyable game even if it go a bit one sided.  The German player naturally thinks this was just reward for his brilliant manoeuvres, but maybe he got some free kicks.  The pdf is vague on whether the National special rules apply to the selection - perhaps the Soviets should have had a free Inexperienced Infantry section. 

1250 points can provide sufficient pieces on the table to give you enough tactical options to take the game well beyond throwing dice at each other.   We both want to do it again tomorrow night.

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