Friday, October 25, 2013

Nick in Launceston -- Pieper's continual failure

Tried a new list with Kampfgruppe Pieper last night. I let the dice choose the list -- and they chose an interesting combination:

Kampfgruppe Peiper

Compulsory SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper HQ - 1x CinC Panzer IV J (75 pts)
- Jochen Pieper - 1x Warrior Jochen Pieper in Panther G (235 pts)

Compulsory Schwere SS-Panzer Platoon - 1x Command Konigstiger (Henschel), 3x Konigstiger (Henschel) (1180 pts)

1490 Points, 1 Platoon

That's right -- one platoon of King Tigers.

Now Rob thought this would run right over his US infantry. He was sure it would be a short game. And it was:
Turn 1 -- advanced.
Turn 2 -- lost a King Tiger to heavy artillery. Killed a stand of infantry
Turn 3 -- went in for assault. King Tiger and command Panzer IV J bailed, so assault stops.
Turn 4 -- Heavy artillery killed another King Tiger. Platoon broke and ran. Infantry assaulted and killed CinC Panzer IV J
Turn 5 -- Pieper failed morale and ran.

On the other tables, there was an interesting FOW game using the domination scenario from I95. There was a game of hordes with big robot thingys. And there was a massive zombie game (not pictured)

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