Thursday, October 24, 2013

Thursday Afternoon: Bolt Action Eastern Front

Jim's Germans v. Chris' Russians

I modified Doon Hill again to make a Bolt Action battlefield.  The objective is an observation bunker looking out over the Black Sea.  Both sides started by their units being put down and moving off from a line 24" away from the bunker in turn 1.  The Russians are on the right.
The Germans have 3 infantry sections on the hill with med mortars & MMG support on the slope & a Stug on the flat.  All are vets.
The Russians have 5 infantry sections, med mortars, mmg, light anti-tank, ATR & T34.   2 inf sections are Regs, the rest Inexperienced.
The Russians got first blood when their mortar ranged in on the grenadiers on the slope first time & in 2 turns destroyed the whole section.  The Stug got some revenge by popping the T34.
The centre German infantry section reached the bunker first & occupied it.  The lead Russian infantry section was destroyed by the MMG & infantry fire, but it had covered the advance of the Russian regular SMG section to within striking distance of the bunker.
The SMG section charged the bunker defended by the German's assault section mostly armed with assault rifle.  So with both sides getting double dice it was a massacre.  Only one German survived.
The German HQ joined the survivor in the bunker as the  3rd grenadier section moved up through the wood ont he right of the bunker and took out the Russian MMG.
The Russians threw another infantry section at the bunker, destroying the defenders and taking it.  The 3rd grenadiers than counterattacked the Russian survivors in the bunker, but the attack failed leaving the Russians in control.  
meanwhile the other Russian infantry advancing up the hill from the road had destroyed the German MMG & mortar leaving the Stug as the last Germans on the table. 
That was turn 6 & Chris had won his first try at Bolt Action.

It was a quick and dirty little battle - our first on the Russian front.  The Germans were hard to kill, but it only took the odd lucky spell for the Russians to really hurt them.   The Russians died like flies, but there was always more of them.  Chris's tactic of sending the recruits in first to take the casualties then attack with the reg SMG's won the day - the SMG's didn't take the bunker, but they weakened the defence so the third wave could. 

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