Tuesday, July 21, 2015

30 Years War: Blood on the Danube

This is a scenario from the Pike & Shotte book.  Fought with Hail Cromwell rules, our house variant of Hail Caesar for the era.
The Catholics (Mike) deployed first on the left.  The Swedes (Mark) & Saxons (James) came on from the right hand side.  They have 10 turns to either capture the building containing the Catholic's war or break the Catholic army.  (They don't know which building has the war chest in it).  The Swedes are on the Allies left and are marching to outflank the Catholics who don't quite enough troops to cover the whole front.  The Saxons are on the far flank.  The allies have left a gap in front of the catholic battery.  (Some troops appear to be marching sideways because we didn't bother to turn them the right way in their movement trays).
The Swedes have lapped around the end of the Catholic line, but a cuirassier division has been sent over to head off the allied cavalry.  On the far flank the Saxons seem to milling baout & acheiving little.
The allied cavalry on this flank was soon destroyed by the Catholic cuirassiers which have fallen back towards the centre rather than get involved with Swedish foot in the hedgrows.   The Swedish foot has taken the house (not treasure there - no surprise) and is ready to attack.
On the far flank the Catholic line has repulsed the Saxon attack.  On this flank the Swedish infantry have taken the battery in flank and driven off the gunners.  As veterans they have a fair chance of breaking the Catholic foot by turn 10, but the Catholics have massed their cavalry to protect the windmill behind (clearly where their war chest is) and they have no prospect of getting past them as well before time runs out.  The allies concede the battle.

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