Saturday, July 18, 2015

Napoleonics at Molesworth

Mike & Dave's British v. Jim & Peter's French

Both sides had 6 divisions - 4 on the table at the start & 2 in reserve, to arrive on successful dice roll. The rules are our adaption of Hail Caesar, Hail Napoleon.
(The battle's been going a couple of turns in this pic).  The French are on the left.  1 inf div on each flank, 1 in the centre, a small guard div on the road from reserve, hussars behind the centre & dragoons still off table.

The Brits have 2 divs of inf on their left, one from reserve on the road in the centre & one on the right.  Their cavalry div is still off table. 
The French have pushed forward in the centre despite significant losses to artillery firing at their columns.  The Brits advanced their left, but then turned it to the right to meet the French advance.  Their reserves are forming up to cover their centre.  The French are about to attack the forward battery in the centre & its supports with foot & horse, but they are beaten off.
(There's been a bit of time gap between photos due to the photographer getting carried away with the action & neglecting his duties). 
On the far flank the British inf have advanced along with their cavalry.
On the near flank the French have attacked with the guard in the lead, supported by hussars on their left and line inf on their right.  The British left has been broken and their centre left is under great pressure.
On the far flank the British cavalry declined to attack French squares and was withdrawn.   Their infantry has taken over the attack.
In the centre the French inf are getting the worst of the firefight, but are still holding on.
On the near flank the guard has been withdrawn to rally but the line inf & hussars are keeping up the pressure.
On the far flank the French inf hold on.
The French inf in the centre have broken, but the dragoons fill the gap.
On the near flank the Brits have all broken.
The French have lost 1 of 6 divs while the Brits have lost 3 of 6, so fail Army Break Test.    

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