Saturday, July 18, 2015

Dad's Army does Bolt Action At Good Games

Testerday four mature gentlemen rendevous at the Ocean Child for lunch before going round the corner to Good Games for a dose of Bolt Action.
Envelopment Scenario, 1000 pts.   The Germans (jim & Mark) are attacking from the left.  The Russians (John & Rusty) are defending on the right.
The Russians probably erred by starting a bit too spread out .  The Germans concentrated their attack down their left flank while keeping the Soviet left busy.  It boiled down to whether enough Germans could run the gauntlet past the vast firepower of the Soviet heavy tank.  Three German units evaporated under its firepower giving the Soviets 6 VPs, but the Germans got 2 units across the table & killed 2 Soviet units on the way, so 8VPs and a narrow German victory.

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