Monday, July 27, 2015

Nick's travels - US Museum of WW II (in New Orleans)

The US Museum of WWII was originally, the Museum of D-Day, because the landing craft were from New Orleans.  However, the museum has been expanded, and looks like it will be expanded even further.  I was kicked out at closing, and only managed to see 80% of the Museum, having to rush through the Pacific section.


Two volunteer verterans.  The oldest was a survivor of the Northampton, sunk at Guadalcanal.  The youngest served in the Marines in Vietnam..

Loading manifest for a plane during the Market Garden drop.


Anonymous said...

So jealous. Love all that kit.

The Yanks and Euros have it so good when it comes to these kind of things!


Fifey said...

One of my mates says the military museum at Pucka is great, but it's services only, what a shame.

Bit of a trek to Canberra.