Saturday, July 11, 2015

Naval Battles for Campaigns at Black Hills & in Suffolk

Campaign Naval Battle at Syracuse

The Roman fleet was trying to prevent the Pontic invasion of Syracuse.  The Pontic fleet had more and better ships so it looked a forlorn hope.  Peter commanded the Pontic fleet and Jim the Romans.
The Roman fleet is in the foreground with 1 5er & 5 triremes v. 4 5ers & 4 triremes.
The Romans did quite well at first sinking 2 Pontic ships.
But numbers & size counted in the end.  Two Roman ships escaped, but the Ponts were able to land their army.  They have besieged Syracuse, but so far it has held out.

Campaign Naval Battle at Athens
The Egyptians surprised everyone when they renewed their alliance with Pontus and sent their fleet to Athens to prepare the way for their transports.  Macedon's fleet was stationed in Athens as part of their alliance with Pontus, but Mithrades had neglected to get his allies to ally with each other and they had to fight.  Jim commanded the Macedonians & Mark commanded the Egyptians.  It did not look like a fair fight as the Egyptinas not only had 1 more ship but were all veterans.
The Macedonians (in the foreground) tried to get smart and manoeuvre to the right to make a concentrated attack on one end of the enemy line.  But the veterans Egytian crews outmanoeuvred them and the battle was soon decided.
The Egyptians lost one ship, but the Macedonian fleet was destroyed.

Men o' War in Suffolk
In Suffolk my friend Tim & his mates are fighting a Napoleonic naval campaign.  Below is the starting position for a battle off Gibraltar.

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