Saturday, July 04, 2015

Bolt Action at Good Games

John Mumford's Germans v. Jim's Brits
1000 pts Point Defence Scenario. German's defending.

The Germans are on the left.  The objectives are behind the far house, in front of the wood centre of German edge & behind the nearest house.  This is the end of the first turn.
Most forces are now on the table.   Germans had Panzergrenadiers near each objective, but the ones in the wood have been smashed by the Brit artillery bomardment.  The Stug42 has come on and blasted the British infantry in the far house.  The tommies in the open near the house have also been hit hard by German fire.  The rest of the Brit infantry in the centre are advancing unscathed.  The Panzergrens behind the closest house are pinned down by fire from mmg & sniper on the wooded hill, the 25pdr and the Honey (advancing well away from the Stug).  The 6pdr behind the hamlet has immobilised the Stug, but it's still well placed & in action.
The far house has been taken by a German counterattack (rifles no match for assault rifles in close action) so the far objective is well held.  The near objective has been taken.  The Brits have a good chance of getting to the central objective - but not before time would run out, so we agree to a draw at the end of turn 5 as John was out of time & had to go.  (I bought some Commandos on the way out - next time we might see how the Panzergrens like Brit Vets with smgs in a shirtfight).

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Truscott Trotter said...

Next time we is going to get a sniper without glasses and shoot that FOO between the eyes :)