Tuesday, July 28, 2015

ECW: Second Newbury Scenario

Oakie set up a scenario based on 2nd Newbury 1644.  Mike & James commanded the Royalists, Jim the Parliamentarians.  Rules: Hail Cromwell, our house variation of Hail Caesar for the era.
The Royalist army is deployed near the centre of the table.  One Parliamentarian army is advancing from the near table edge.  Another smaller Parliamentary army is going to come on the far end of the table sometime after turn 3.  The Royalists hold a castle off the left edge of the table whose guns command the open ground on the Parliament's left.  The Royalist line of supply is off to the left.
The umpire set the command ratings low for this scenario.  Most of the Parliament divisions are 7's & most of the Royalists are 8's.   The parliamentarians also had no CIC to provide re-rolls as he was commander of the smaller force coming in on the far edge and very large infantry divisions.  As a result the Parliamentary deployment and advance was painfully slow.  However they did get lucky on the far edge where the second column arrived early.  
On this flank the Parliamentary advance has stalled due to poor command.  But on the far flank they have moved up quite smartly.  Royalist cavalry are defending a ford while musketeers line the hedges over the bridge
The parliamentary right still hasn't come to grips with the Royalists, but the Royalist musketeers over the bridge are in big trouble and Cromwell's horse has finally got moving on the left.
Cromwell's cavalry has pinned the Royalist right down into hedgehogs.  The Royalists over the river have been swept away.  That division has run out of good command dice & has so far refused to charge over the bridge but musket fire over the river is decimating the end hedgehog.  On the right, Parliament has finally attacked, but the Royalist horse has counterattacked and their line is holding.

The umpire has decreed that night has fallen.  Parliament claims victory on the grounds that the Royalists have been cut off from their base.  The Royalists claim it's a draw as the umpire neglected to write that down as a victory condition and no one has any broken divisions.  But nobody really cared who won, it was a good fun game.

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Paul O'G said...

Good fun indeed! Nice table and figs collection.