Sunday, July 26, 2015

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's Sunday School

Barrie set up a scenario he'd found on a blog somewhere.  The Frenh are making a raid on the village.  The BRits had word it was on and have sent two relief columns to support the garison.  British had troops in the village a column coming on over the bridge at the far end immediately and another on the rads on the left on turn 3.  The French had some Indians in ambush at the far end, and columns coming on the near table edge and the RH table edge.  The French win if they can burn 5 of the 8 houses.
The French won the battle early into turn 2.  The British column at the far end faed to stop the ambushing Indians firing the houses at that end.  At this end, the British Indians in the wood put a stout fight. beating off a 2:1 attack, but a second attack was too much for them leaving the 2 buildings at this end undefended.  In the centre the French covered the advance of the irregulars and they reached the nearest building & set fire to it. 

The British playes seemed to think the scenario was grossly biased against them.  The Fench players preferred tot think that their superior strategy & tactics made it seem so.

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Dang that's some nice terrain!