Friday, August 14, 2015

Afternoon Bolt Action at Good Games

This week it was Jim's turn to be the Bad Guys & John gave his Soviets a run.  Again we did Tank War with 1500 pts. 
There are 4 objectives: One 6" in from the end of each road branch & one in the village.  The Sovies won the toss and selected the RH side to come on.  They had two scout platoons which coudl eb deployed on table at the start.  These allowed the Soviets to have 3 of the 4 objectives on turn 1 forcing the Germans on the offensive.  The German infantry was soon pinned down on the edge of the village & it was up to the Panzers to win through on the left to try & save the day.  Their only success was to immobilise the T34 in the village before they discovered that even if the big Soviet tank guns didn't kill them, they pinned them down so much as to be useless sitting ducks.  The Germans ran out of tanks about turn 5 & conceded.

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