Friday, August 21, 2015

Nick in Launceston

Nick and Lowell (1000 points each) vs Matt (with 2 x 1000 point companies)

Nick and Lowell picked almost identical armies -- T-34's with some t-34/57 upgrades and with Maria as the driver of a tank.  Nick had some T-70's as well.  Matt had infantry (pioneers), with a tiger and a few Pak 40's.  The trouble was that Matt had terrible luck.  His pioneers came out of their foxholes to assault some T-34's that had been incautious, and the pioneers failed tank terror.  This left the pioneers out in the open, where they were machine gunned to nothingness.  And Matt's tiger was just swamped by the Russian tank horde.  It could only kill two tanks a turn, and eventually a T-34/57 would get through the armour.  But the Russians got through on the second shot!  Matt conceded once his tiger was killed.

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