Friday, August 07, 2015

Armoured Bolt Action at Good Games

John's Germans v. Jim's British
1500 pts tank forces in Tank War scenario (3 objectives).
The objectives are 6" from the table edge on the roads from the left & far right and at the road junction.  The Brits are coming on from the left.  The pic is taken after turn 1 when both sides had advanced half their forces onto the table.  The Germans brought their armour onto the table first with their infantry in reserve.  The Brits lead with two truckloads of infantry doubling up to the village with most of their armour in reserve.  Both trucks were destroyed by the German armour, but most of the infantry survived and bailed out to take control of the central objective.

The battle developed into a long range gun duel between the tanks while the Germans advanced infantry though the village to try & take the objective.  The Germans had a great time destroying most of the British Armour, but the Brits kept their mind on the victory conditions - that si to hold more objectives than the enemy after turn 7.   The Brits lost 2 Shermans, the Firefly & of course "Toast" the command Cromwell, while the only German loss was their Marder.  But they got to the central objective first then pinned the German infantry down to keep it.  So while the Germans may have more fun it was a British victory.  

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