Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bolt Action at Good Games

Jim's Brits v. Mark's Germans
1000 pts Demolition Scenario
Each side has one objective & wins by getting figure next to the objective at the end of  a turn.  The Germans are from the left with their objective in the wood at the far right.  The rits form the right have their objective to the left of the central corn fields.
The Brits set up such a strong defense with 2 inf, an MMG & a 25pdr in the 2 patches of trees near the German objective that the Germans never really tried to attack it.
The Brits tried to attack through the village.  A trucked vet inf platoon tried to rush down the road through the village but got pinned down by the StuH 42 & MMG and hit so hard they failed morale.  A second vet inf platoon advanced through the fields & while it almost destroyed the 2 small inf platoons defending the LH field they were then pinned down and could not advance.  A 3rd smaller inf platoon tried to run down the far side of the woods and field but having failed command to come on from reserve ran out of time and couldn't reach the objective.
So the battle was draw with neither getting even close to taking their objective.  It's a mission where you really need to be aggressive to have a chance of winning in the time available.  The Brit plan came unravelled when they failed to get their 1st platoon out of the truck before it was seriously pinned down by the Stuh 42 & became a sitting duck.

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