Monday, August 03, 2015

Nick's travels -- Andy's House of Lead

Andy's House of Lead is one of the noted play areas in North Virginia -- it is even noted in the NOVAG (North Virginia Area Gamers) calendar.  I used to play with Andy a long time ago, when I lived in Virginia, and when I had a chance to go play at his place again I jumped at it.

The plan was bolt action, pizza, and more bolt action.  I had to leave at noon to join a family outing to see an Orioles Baseball game, so I only played in the first Bolt Action game, and it was still going when I left.  This was Andy and Co's first game of Bolt Action, so I had to help explain the rules.  Partway through the game I explained to them that a double 6 on an order die roll was a FUBAR.  I then proceeded to roll a double 6, and have my main strike platoon run towards the rear.  Hence, while I dont know the result, I expect that we didnt get the objectives we needed by turn 6.

Andy's place is a den of boxes of stuff.  Of particular interest was a box of Korean and Japanese boats that had just been delivered (being hand made by group member Stephan).  These are 15mm scale, for a naval engagement that is planned.

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Drool! I'm jealous