Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Sword and Spears in Launceston

Nick was introduced to Sword and Spears by Rob -- a long time Launceston gamer.

Sword and Spears is almost like Bolt Action for ancients.  Each side has different coloured dice, and gets a dice per unit.  The dice are placed in a bag, and 7 dice are drawn from a bag.  The player with the most dice rolls his dice, and allocates dice to a unit.  Typically you need 4 or better to move, 5 or better to charge, and if you have a 6 you get a bonus (better melee or movement).  There are special rules for formation movement and leaders reduce the score you need to move and veteran troops are easier to move.  The player with the least dice then rolls their dice and allocates their dice to units.  Then units are moved in dice roll order and combat is decided.  Repeat until all dice are drawn from the bag.

While it may not seem like it, it suddenly becomes very hard to coordinate troops.  We played Gauls vs Romans, and the Gauls went off in a very uncoordinated flank attack that was promptly destroyed.  The Romans maintained discipline while the Gallic infantry closed, but again the Gauls couldn't coordinate an attack.  And while their hairy barbarians are scary, uncoordinated attacks lead to disaster.  End result was a comprehensive thrashing, with the Gauls only managing to kill one unit of archers on the Roman side.

But the end result was that this was a very, very fun game.  Highly recommended!

Picture is an uncoordinated attack by the Gauls.  The shield indicates they have taken one hit -- 2,3, or 4 hits depending on the unit and a unit is destroyed.  The dice indicates this unit has moved, and cant be moved again this turn.

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