Sunday, August 23, 2015

Wings of Glory WWI dogfights at Barries

Game 1:
Jim & JohnW: 1 Bristol & 1 Camel each.
Barrie: 2 Fokker DVII, Nichole: 1 Roland.  Jake: 1 Halberstadt.
Initially the fight split in two with a two seater & a fighter in each side in each part, but the fight later joined up into a single dogfight as hits mounted on both sides and one by one planes went down.  In the end it was Jim's Bristol v. Nichol's Roland as the last survivors.  They circled in on each other & it was the Hun that went down giving the allies a costly victory.   

Game 2:
John & Jim with 1 Brstol each.
Barrie: Fokker VII, Jake: Fokker Dr1:  NickB (taking over from Nichole): Fokker DVII
The pair of Bristols gave an exhibition of formation flying while the Huns made an art form out of drawing bad cards from the firing deck and one by one they went down giving the Allies a crushing victory.

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