Sunday, August 16, 2015

Wings of Glory at Barries

JohnW flew a Bristol Fighter & a Spad XIII v. Barrie's Albatros & Jim's Albatros + Siemens Schuckbert.
At first Barrie's Albatros took on the Spad while Jim's Albatros & Siemens took on the Bristol.  But the German plan went suddenly pear-shaped when the first burst of fire from the Bristol's rear gunner shot the Albatros out of the sky.  But after that dramatic first contact the game settled down to long but interesting dance as we tried to out-guess each others orders.  Barrie's Albatros was the next to go down leaving the Siemens/S with two enemies.  A feature of the game is that you don't know how much damage the enemy plane has.  It may have 10 damage cards, but they could all be 1's & 0's or they could add up to 13 when 14 will put it down.  The Siemen's pilot knew he could take a few more hits & both enemy planes had a lot of cards so he fought on.  He managed to drive the Spad off the table & then tried to get under the Bristol's tail.  But the Siemens didn't get into the dead spot & while the Bristol went down the Bristoil's rear gunner also got off two shots.  The German player drew a 3 & a 4 card & his plane also crashed leaving no planes on the table.

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