Friday, April 08, 2016

Bolt Action at Good Games

Jake's Germans v. Jim's Brits
1,000 pts (using mods), Domination scenario.  There  are 5 objective on the table worth 1 VP each.  If tied on objective VPs, enemy units destroyed are counted & if one side scored 2+ more kills than the enemy, they win.
The scenario starts with a Deployment Turn 0 where the units are deployed as Command Dice are drawn in each side's Deployment Zone (within 12" of base line) without firing or moving.  The Brits are on the right.
On the far flank the Hanomag has dodged a fight with the Honey and joined in the heavy firefight in the centre.  Each side has grabbed a house to contest the far objective.  The Stuh 42 is giving fire support to the centre.  The Brits have seized the central objective.  Both sides are hunkered down in ambush each side of the crest disputing the objective on the near hill.
The Stuh 42 has advanced and its tank rider gone ahead to attack the centre.  But the Piat team in the woods popped out the side and did the old 6,5,4 dice trick to blow the Stuh & the German plan with it. 
The Brits behind the central hill popped over to shoot up the tank riders & the honey finished them off firing through the hamlet.  The 25 pdr had already taken out the HMG on the left.  The Germans in the house tried charging the Honey, but failed.  The Germans on the near hill moved up, but were badly hurt by the ambush.  With only 4 shot up units & a Hanomag left the Germasn conceded.

Once again the Armoured Assault rule on our play test list was not used.  Our Defensive Fire was used & looked good.  The Brit were hopping to see the trial Barrage Miscalulation rule happen, but instead their barage was delayed and only arrived after the Germans had moved on.  The proposed rule is that instead of the enemy moving the barrage point on a 1, it is moved 2x2D5 in a random direction).  The RAW has friendly fire happening 25% of the time - yes it happened, but nothing like  that often.

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