Sunday, April 17, 2016

Saga at Barrie's

With 4 players we set up the Feast of Crows scenario where 4 forces start in 4 corners of the table in a free for all, but it turned into Barie's Vikings v. Jake's Anglo-Danes at one end of the table and Darren's Vikings v. Jim's Welsh at the other end.
Barrie's Vikings are in the far cornerDarren's on the left.  Jake's Anglo-Danes are on the right & my Welsh in the foreground.  While not having played Saga for some time I did enough revision to twig that the rules favoured the Welsh in rough ground, so I used my terrain allotment to put a large wood in front of my force.  As the hairiest player I got to move first & while my cavalry was destroyed in a  delaying action it allowed my foot to take up a position in the woods where the Vikings obligingly charged to their doom.   On the other flank, Barrie's Vikings were also cut down but your correspondent was having too good a time to notice how.

Saga is a bit gamey, but it's easy to get into & good fun.  My Welsh are a selection from my ancient British & Gallic armies - I figure that Celts didn't change much in a thousand years.

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