Saturday, April 30, 2016

Flames of War: Practice for Kingston KUP

Jim's Panzergrenadiers v. Mark's US Rifles
1750 pts Surrounded Mission.  Not quite a standard as we had a 6'x6' table & the Germans defended even though motorised v. infantry.
The Germans deployed first in the centre strip defending objectives on the central hill & beside the railway on the right.  The US are deployed on the left anf right hand sides.
The  Germans couldn't find enough places to hide their Mk IV's and lost lost a tank in the village to the 155's on turn 1.  But it soon got worse for them Their other tank platoon was in the wood on the far flank, but Truscot trotting infantry attacked them in the wood before they could get out of it and the platoon was destroyed at the cost of just inf 3 teams. 

Seeing the main attack coming on the right the Germans redeployed infantry off the hill to help defend the railway objective & sent their remaining Panzers to the right to attack the 105's.  The US infantry attack out of the wood was stopped by the panzergrenadiers.  The US tanks engaged Paks on the left with artillery support and took them out for no loss.
The panzergrens defending the objective have been severely depleted by US firepower, but the US don't have enough GI's left to stagger onto the objective.  So there is a race to the hill top objective with both side's armour.  The Shermans cleared the hmg teams holding the hill and had to survive the Panzer counterattack.  The Panzers only got 1 of the hull down Shermans then failed their stormtrooper roll to move up into contesting range of the objective to give the US a victory.

Early on it looked like an easy win for the US, but the panzergrens are tough buggers, they got back into the game & in the end it was close run thing.

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