Friday, April 22, 2016

Bolt Action Doubles at Good Games

JohnM's Soviets & Rusty's Polish Resistance
Jim & Mark's Germans
All 4 players had a 1000pt Coy.  The scenario was our House Rules Surrounded Scenario, Germans defending. 
The Germans deployed first in the strip accross the able 12" each side opf the short centreline.Jim's Coy on the far side facing the Poles, Mark's on this side facing the Soviets.  The Soviets ^ Poles deployed second up to 18" on from their base lines.  The German haters had 2 objectives ont eh table's short centreline - one on the road & one on the hill on the left.  They have to take one before time's up or lose.
The Germans got a nasty shock when an unexpected Russian artillery barrage arrived in the middle of their position.  6 squads were in the zone of death & John threw a heap of 6's to take out both German HQ's & an infantry squad plus pinning the Stug so heavily it was virtually out of the battle. 
The Poles were picked off as they advanced on well placed Germans - including their looted Panther which copped a panzerfaust in the side when panzergrenadiers leapt out of house to get at it. But the Soviets pushed down the left flank as Mark's force melted away, John using flamethrowers to great effect.  The Soviet pioneer squad reached the hill objective, but had to hold it at the end of a turn to win the game.  Jim had sent infantry back to dispute possession of the objective hill & counterattacked.  The Pioneers blew the only squad close enough to dispute the objective away, but the Germans shot everything they could at the Pioneers & the last 2 died when Mark's mortar ranged in first time to keep the objective German.

At the end of turn 4 we had to stop the game as John's leave pass had run out.  At this stage the Germans still held both objectives, but it was doubtful they they could hold the Soviets off for another 2 turns.  A draw seemed a fair way to call it.

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