Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Flames of War

With the Kingston KUP coming up in two weeks I umpired a game between Mike & James to bone up on the rules.

James: Panzergrenadiers 1750pts LW
Mike: British Armour 1750 pts LW
Mission Hold the Line, Germans defending.
The Brits are in the foreground.   The Germans have artillery behind the ridge in their rear & 2 infantry deployed in front & behind the forward objective.  The Brits have sent a column of tanks & motorised infantry down the road on the right. M10's & infantry advance frontally.  Another tank platoon advances on the left & Priests blast away from the rear.
The Brits have tried to weaken the Germans with their firepower, but dug in gone to ground panzergrens are hard to kill with lousy dice & a Panzer platoon has already come on.
Maybe a bit late, the Brits are attacking  the German line from the flank, but the 2nd panzer platoon has followed the 1st on the left and the 3rd panzergren is moving up through the wood on the right.

The Brits have almost cleared the objective, but 1 stand disputes it and they lost a platoon in the process
The Brit inf have refused to unpin & the Germans on the right have failed tank terror as the tanks slug it out.
The panzergrens finally passed tank terror & finished off the Shermans the Panzers missed.  The Brits fail army morale to give the Germans victory with 2 platoons lost. It's a moot point if the Brits lost by being too slow to attack, or because they could find any decent dice.  Maybe both.

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