Sunday, April 03, 2016

Muskets & Tomahawks at Barrie's

JohnM has made some house rules to tidy up some of Frenchness in Muskets &Tomahawks & we played two games to try them out - both raid scenarios & 400 pt armies.

Game 1: Barrie's British v. JohnM's French: John attacking
John is advancing away from the camera.   Being busy in the other battle I know only that John managed to burn the village & claim victory.

Game 2: Jim's French v. JohnW's British: JohnW attacking

The British are attacking from the far end.  Their regulars are deployed on the road engaged in a fire fight with the French regulars in front of the village.  British militia are in the woods one ach flanks.  They also have Indians on their right.  The French ahve 2 mCanadian militia in the wood in font of the village & are praying for their Indian allies to turn up on the left.  So far only their chief has showed.
The regulars mauled each other badly and both fell back. The French into the wood while the Brits came forward again through the cornfield.  The British attack down the near flank was held up by the French Indians (who did show up in time to be of use).   The British attack on the far falnk got to the rea rof the village and they began trying to fire the RH house.  But the Indians sent through the wood on the right got a hit on them & a bad morale throw had them recoil out into the open where the Canadian Milita drawn back from the wood into the village blew them away.  The British failed morale due to high losses giving the French a decisive victory.

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