Friday, April 01, 2016

Bolt Action Doubles at Good Games

We used Camp Cromwell's house rules for Bolt Action Doubles.
JohnM & Chris each had 1000 pts of Russians.
Jim & Jake each had 1000 pts of Germans

Frontal Assault Mission on 8x6' table.
The Germans are defending the RHS of the table.  Jim on their left & Jake on their right.  They have 4 objectives to defend & have deployed up to half their units on their half of the table.  The remainder of their force is in reserve.  To win they must hold all objectives.
The Russians deployed second up to 18" from their table edge.  JohnM on their right, Chris on their left.  To win they must take 2 objectives.
Chris is attacking the objective in the woods on the far side, but also sending a platoon to help John attack the objective in the village.  John is attacking both the objectives on his side.  The German armour has come on in the centre.  
The battle became a bloodbath for the Germans.  Jim's entire force was eliminated while Jake's was reduced to his Panther & one infantry platoon.  At the end of turn 6 the Russians have taken the objective on the hill in the foreground and destroyed all the Germans on the two forward objectives, but they don't have any troops within 3" of them yet (they some within 4" of both).  The dice decreed that there was no turn 7, so by the rules it was  a draw.  But the consensus was that that was a pretty cheesy result & the Russians were entitled to fell victorious & maybe the victory conditions for the scenario should be reconsidered.  Otherwise the doubles system & the scenario worked fine.

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Truscott Trotter said...

Yes a real meat-grinder - for the Germans - Soviet losses were 4 or 5 units - Germans well nearly the lot. Germans need rocket launchers and Flak methinks