Tuesday, April 26, 2016


It was a quiet night at Camp Cromwell tonight with just 3 players.  We did a little Medieval battle. with each side having 3 battles of 6 units. 
Jim's Yorkist army is on the left, Mike & James's Lanc's on the right.
Both sides pussy-footed around advancing in 1 move steps to maintain their line in the face of the vagaries of the HC command system.  Mike's patience broke first.  He charged his centre forward but his flanks refused to follow.  This left his centre in danger of being flanked.  But Jim's command dice were no better and his attempts to attack the exposed flanks didn't happen while his own centre had a hole punched through it.  
It looked bad for York at this stage as the Lanc's were expanding their breakthrough.  The onlty bright spot for York was their cavalry on the far flank getting the upper hand.
The Yorkist cavalry on this flank finally got moving and charged right through the Lanc's centre and helped break the Lanc's right flank just before their own left broke. They then turned around to try come and rescue their infantry on the near flank.  The Yorkist infantry did well against the odds, but the cavalry was stopped by bow fire and the Yorkist army finally broke.

After a cautious start it was fast and furious battle with heavy losses on both sides. 

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