Monday, January 15, 2007

Camp Cromwel 15/01/07

Late War: Renfrey's Grenadiers v. Jim's Fucilieri.

1500 pts Free for All on 8x6 table (Kolin battlefield with extra stuff added).
Grenadiers: HQ, 3 x Gren, 4HMG, 3Pak 38, 5MkIVH, 4/105s
Fucilieri: HQ, 3 x Fuc, 4HMG, 4/6pdrs, 2/47s, 4/100s, 4/75s, Brit Armour (3 Shermans + 1 FF).

The main terrain feature was a chain of hills down the middle & extending to the Itie side which made artillery spotting very difficult for both sides.
The Germans decided to attack rather than face an artillery duel against the odds.
The Ities started to advance, but when the Germans also advanced, they halted most of it to meet the attack in a well chosen reverse slope defence.
The Germans tried to rush the central ridge with tanks supported by HMGs & Infantry. The HMG platoon, 2 inf teams & 1 MkIV were destroyed by artillery on the way. The Ities met the attack with 6pdrs & tanks deployed behind a ridge and infantry support coming up. The Panzers killed 1 Sherman & bailed 2, but the 6pdrs & their supports still had enough firepower to pin the Grenadiers in the assault (& with the help of Renfrey's bad saves destroy them). The Panzers then failed stormtrooper to get back over the ridge. This was a disaster - the 6pdrs & Shermans then killed or pinned all the Panzers & the Fucilieri finished them off.
After that the the Huns had no hope - the Ities systematically destroyed the remaining platoons until they failed Army Morale.
The LW Allied Ities are a mean army - I miss the MW horde of crap tanks, but 6pdrs (with HE in LW) & Shermans give them a bit of punch & the Fucilieri aren't crap any more. But it would have been a bit crowded on a 6x4 table.

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