Thursday, January 04, 2007

Camp Cromwell 04/01/07

Kolin 1757

Prussians (SteveJ & MarkO) v. Austrians (Renfrey, SteveP, Dylan)
Jim umpiring, Nick here for a while.

In the real thing the Austrians were deployed on a hill ready for Fred. Fred marched his army across their front to outflank their right. But the Austrians redeployed to meet the attack and repelled it with heavy loss.

In the wargame, the Prussians follows Fred's plan with a wide sweep around the Austrian right with the cavaly supported by an infantry attack on the centre. Cuirassiers artilley & Grenadiers kept the Austrian left busy. The Austrians redeployed by advancing their left and extending their right to a new line almost at right angles to their start line.

The Prussians generally got the run of the dice in the cavalry fights, but it was their well coordinated attack on the centre with infantry & cavalry that broke the Austrian line. The Austrian supports were too close behind and were compromised by a flow of routers through them.

The Prussians did not lose a unit before the Austrians failed Army Morale with half their Command Groups in rout.

The revisions to the Camp Cromwell Rules seemed to work very well with just a couple of bugs identified & fixed as we went.

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