Monday, January 08, 2007

Fort Floreat 8/1/2007

The regular 5 players this week. Doug, Aggro, James,Chris & 8th Army Nick (back from hols).

Game 1. Flames of War 1500pts -- Aggro US infantry vs. Doug Fallschirmjager in Encounter mission.

Details are sketchy but a platoon of those elite German troops took a nicely placed objective in the middle of a village. The US counter attack fizzled as a Panzerknacker took out one of the Grants. So the Fallschirmjager hung on for a German Victory!

Game 2. Warhammer 2085pts High Elves Chris vs. Vampire Counts James (both Newbs to this rule system).

Deployment (from high Elves view) Bow+lvl2, SH, chariot, spears+Lvl 2, E, RBT, Bow, E, Reaver, Sw+lvl 4,RBT. Vampires facing skelllies, wraith, zombies, skellies, Nec, Vamp Lord, Vamp count, skellies, knights, banshees,ghosty things, black coach, hounds.

Turn 1. The Vamps got first turn and advanced the left flank, the dogs scooted into the woods on the elves far right trying to out flank the RBT. The knights advanced on the central RBT and bows. High Elves cast a wall of fire in front of the Knights and also cast Arrow attraction on them as well as flames of Phoenix. The vampire player failed to dispell them. The knights had 4 left out of 10 after the Magic and shooting phases, but passed morale.

Turn 2. Vampires: The knights didnt charge? a newb mistake. Undead advanced as before. High Elves: The knights got finished off by a combination of spells and firing. The Silver helms and chariot charged some Zombies the Eagle failed its terror test and retreated. Some magic was directed at the spirit host killing 1.

Turn 3. Vampires: The black coach charged the Swordmasters. Zombies crumbled to the Helms and Chariot. central RBT crew failed their fear test and ran off. Dogs came to the edge of the forest. Vampire spells stopped by dispell dice. High Elsves: RBT killed 2 dogs, SH hit another unit of skellies, chariot failed terror and retreated. Spears charged skellies. Spells killed another spirit host. Swormasters were locked in combat with the Black Coach. Reavers & Eagle rallied.

Turn 4. The Black Coach finally lost to the swordmasters. Skellies crumbled, dogs died when charging the RBT.

Turn 5. The Vampires only had 3 Lords left and 2 Spirit hosts. The Banshees were zapped by spells.

Solid Victory to the Elves having 2 uncontested table quarters and killing 1300pts of Undead! Ya a win at last!!!!! The Elves lost 1 chariot fled off table, half a spear unit to the vampire leader who died and came back tougher. Also lost an Eagle.

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