Saturday, January 13, 2007

Hill 275 13/01/07

300 pts DBMM -- War of the Roses English vs French Ordonnance

Met a new player, Carl. Carl has recently moved to Tas from WA, and is a serious DBx player.

Tried out the DBMM rules. These are the latest version of DBx, using mostly the same concepts, but refining them. The consensus was that the refinements add complexity to the game. There was an awful lot of '+1 if the moon is out, unless it is a blue moon, or there is cloud cover, unless aunt emma used the silver tea service last week'. There is obvious justification for each of the complexities, but added up, this is the most complex game in the DBx series.

The English had to defend a French attack. The English had two commands of archers / halberdiers / knights, and one command of hairy irish mercenaries. The French had two commands of inferior archers, halberdiers, ordonnance archers (mounted archers), and knights.

As defenders, the English get to place terrain (using dice), but then have to deploy first. The English tried to place a hill in the center of the battlefield, but the terrain dice were not good, and there was a large plain in the center of the table, with a hill to the right. (Note -- I do think the DBMM terrain placement system is improved over DBM). The English deployed to rush onto the central hill, which they managed to do. They then sat down to await events, while maneuvering their Irish allies to the woods on the far right.

The French went for a general advance. Thundering up the hill, they lost a few stands to the English longbows. But then the French knights slammed into the center of the English line and destroyed the halberdiers they were facing. Things looked grim.

The Irish general moved over and picked off one of the French knights. The French tried to exploit the hole they had created, but got lousy movement dice, followed by lousy combat dice at the critical point of battle. The English tried a desperation attack down hill with their last remaining halberdier stand in the center, and succeded in taking out another French knight. With the casulaties taken in marching in, the French lost morale, and it was game over.

In the end it was a victory that shouldnt have happened. The French had the English on toast. But we were both learning the rules and playing around.

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