Thursday, January 11, 2007

Camp Cromwell 11/01/07

1. Kampfgruppe Commander battle
Germans (SteveJ & Renfrey) v. Russians (Barrie & Jim), Nick umpiring. A small introductory scenario played on a smal corner of the table.

The Russians had 3 T34 units of 4, 1 A/c of 2 & 2 Inf of 2. The Germans had 2 Stugs units of 2, 1 A/C of 2 & 1 Inf of 3. The Russians had 4 turns to rush the objective.

The rules require a dice roll each turn to determine how many actions you get (moves or fires) - the Russians get less than the Huns.

The Russians wondered why the Germans were wasting ammo shooting at their A/Cs, then found out about the rule taht had them losing the battle if they lost any 2 platoons. So then they had to waste an action getting the vulnerable infantry out of sight. But the Russians succeeded in getting their T34s lined up for a slug-fest with the Stugs - surely the way to victory. However, it was not to be. Their shells just kept bouncing off the Stugs while one T34 unit lost a couple of tanks then ran away, failed its one chance to rally and it was game over.

Comment: I'm not a fan of either 10 sided dice or contrived game mechanics. Maybe one could learn to like them.

2. FOW 600 pts
Germans (Jim & Barrie) v. Russians (Renfrey & Nick), SteveJ umpiring.

The Russians had a Strelkovy Platoon & 5 T34s. The Germans had a Grenadier Platoon, 2 Pak 40 & 2 105s.

The Russians rushed forward, using a village to sheild the T34s from the Paks. The 105s failed to hurt the T34s even with 5 under the template, but the Paks hurt the infantry badly before they got into the village. The T34s fired back at the 105s & destoyed them, but the Paks continued to blast the Infantry in the village and they failed morale & fled.

Then we had a game of peek-a-boo around the village as the Paks & T34s tried to get shots at each other. One side was battling Hen & Chicks, the other battling short heavy gun moves & lousy Stormtrooper dice. Meanwhile the Grenadiers advanced. The T34s lost 3 tanks to the Paks as the infantry closed in on both objectives (one each end of a long line curved impi-style around the tanks). The tanks had to attack the Grenadiers, but the Grenadiers passed morale and broke off, still in possession of one objective & it was game over.

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