Saturday, January 06, 2007

Camp Cromwell 6/01/07

Jim's Indians defending a 1525 pt Cauldron v. Renfrey's DAK

The desert battlefield was dominated by a rocky ridge running to the left away from the centre. There was an objective on it and another behind it. Jim deployed 2 Infantry & HMGs with 25pdrs in Immediate Ambush. Renfrey started with 105s, HMGs & Panzers (2 IVF1 & 3 IIIJ) all well deployed on his side of the table. The 25pdr ambush was a fiasco - it missed even getting a hit on the Panzers then got blown away by 105s, HMGs & Panzers. The HMGs followed them to Nirvana next turn. Possibly the Panzers should have rushed an objective then, but one was on rocky ground & the other tucked away behind 2 lines of Injuns so Renfrey opted for an infantry attack. The 2 P/grenadier platoons stormed the ridge, but the Indian mortars were set up just in time to pin one & the 3rd Rifles arrived just in time to meet the other on the ridge & drive it back. The Panzers extracted terrible revenge on the mortars then made a belated push forward. But the Matildas & 2pdrs were now on the table to meet them while the Bugs had been sent forward on the right to disrupt the 105s - distracting them from the main game at a critical time. The 2prs died quickly & it was Matilda v. Panzer. Suddenly the dice Gods favoured the Indians & 4 Panzers were destroyed by the Matildas & the last was`finished off with infantry. The P/grenadiers tried one last attack, but the Indians stood firm and it was Game Over.

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