Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Fort Floriet 02/01/07

Game 1.

1500pts phased Withdrawal Doug (Pommy infantry) vs. Aggro GrenadiersAggro attacked with his grenadiers but found the 3 Churchills too much for his Stug G's to handle.The grenadiers took the left hand objective but were booted back off by a british infantry counter attack.The german command teams again assaulted but lost. In a last desperate effort the germans remaining Stug took the objective only to have it removed (defender gets to remove one) before victory could be completed.The Churchills mopped up and a win to Doug first one for 2007 :)

Game 2.

Encounter 1600pts Brat Light Armour James vs. 1500pts Panzers ChrisThe Dak Defended the right with 1 platoon of 3 X PanzerIII (J lates) & 1 Iv F2. While pushing on the left.By concentrating the tanks on the DAK left they out shot the 3 Honeys, 3 Shermans & 3 ATR Carriers.The Dak took the objective on about turn 4 for the loss of only 4 panzers. 6:1 win to the DAK

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