Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Fort Floriet 16/01/07

Forty Floreat Report Tuesday 16/01/07

The regular 5 players, it would be nice to have more. Might organise a session out at Starns sometime teach the new baby boy how to War game!Game 1. 1500pts FFAAggro Fallschirmjager vs. USA Infantry Nick.

The Fallschirmjager's left flank was strongly set up in a village with artillery support and AT guns. However the right flank was only held by the Pioneers, which needed AT gun support. The Luftwaffe didn't hurt the Shermans enough. The Fallschirmjager pioneers fought on bravely as always, but were eventually overwhelmed by the Shermans supported by infantry on their right flank. Nick had to leave half way through the game due to problems back at HQ, but Sub Commander Doug took over and completed the US victory!

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