Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Camp Cromwell Bulletin 23/01/07

Jim & SteveP's Alipini v. Mark & Dylon's Strelkovy

1500 pts Breakthrough, Ities attacking. We used the hilly modified Kolin terrain again.

The Russians had 2 Strelkovy Coys, 5 T34s & 3 KV1s.
The Ities had 3 Alpini, 4HMGs, 4/100s, 4/75s, 4/75/39 A/T & the 6L6s of doom (1 Alpini & the A/tank guns in flank force).

The Russians dug in their infantry either side of the centre. The KVs moved towards the rear objective to meet the flank attack. The T34s were in reserve. The Ities attacked the Strelkovy on their left with 2 Alpini & the tanks while the HMGs & 2 batteries gave fire support. They gradually wore the Strelks away while taking steady but not crippling losses themselves in Russian counterattacks. Their attack then swung right towards the objective near the centre of the table. The 2nd Strelkovy had to move out of their trenches to cover the objective as the T34s were still coming up & the KVs defending the other objective. The Ities stormed over a hill towards them and hit them with the fire of 4 HMGs, 5 light tanks & a 100 battery (the 75's observer was obscured by hills). Dylan then found all the 1s & 2s he'd lost previously and the Strelkovy mostly evaporated (no they weren't the scorpions - Jim had tried to pass them over to the Russians, but Mark had detected the ploy). The survivors shot the Kommisar & bugged off leaving the Ities Infantry able to Avanti onto the objective. The T34s were just too far away to contest the objective, so the Ities won at the start of the next turn (which was turn 6).

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