Thursday, July 11, 2013

15mm ACW using hail Mr Lincoln

Mike Shevak's Union v. Mark's Confederates

Mike Shevak is in Hobart on hols & after observing Harpers Ferry on Tuesday was keen to have a go at Hail Mr Lincoln himself.    Both sides had 2 divisions of 6 infantry & 2 guns.  The Rebs veterans, the union trained.  The Union had 2 cavalry.  All artillery was trained, Union's rifled, Reb's smoothbore.
 The Rebs are on the right deployed in a double line.  The Union on the left are in two blobs. 
The Union deployed their right around the farm while rushing forward in familiar Shevak style on the left (some things never change).  But the Rebs charged forward into contact before the Union were properly deployed & quickly destroyed the Union cavalry. 
The Union counterattacked the counterattack on the far left, but the winning units got carried away, became isolated and attacked in flank.
The Union left is on the verge of breaking, but have fallen back as troops have been sent left from the centre to help them while their artillery has been moved to the centre.
The Union movement to the left spooked the Reb command and they failed to finish off the Union division on the left.
 The Rebs have belatedly launched an attack on the near flank.  But the Union artillery & the infantry in the farm stopped the attack.
 As the Rebs fall back, the Union spring forward.
The Union attack needed more luck than it got and failed to break through.  The Union are pulling back again. The players agree to a draw.  It was an enjoyable little action with wildly fluctuating fortunes - a draw was a fitting result.

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